Hello, new followers!

Since Repair Her Armor reblogged one of my posts, the number of BABD followers doubled and still grows (I hope), so let me welcome all of new followers and remind of a few things:

  • Feel free to submit! Anything that comments on inherent absurd of going into battle in a revealing outfit (and/or makes fun of it) is welcome. Further info here.
  • There’s still a mini-contest going on! Though I can’t create original posts for the blog regularly (hence we’re mostly reblogs and outsourced content so far), I’ll draw a topic-appropriate image submission according to the request of the winner!
  • Askbox and DISQUS comment section (plus comments and fanmail for long-time followers) are always open!

Bikini Armor Battle Damage CONTEST!

To celebrate one month (+1 day) of the blog existing and reaching 20 followers, let’s have a mini-contest!

All you need to participate is to be a follower and answer the question below (via askbox):

What is the genius bonus* hidden in the name Bikini Armor Battle Damage?

First person to send correct answer gets to decide on what yours truly should draw as original image submission (anything, as long as it meets our submission guidelines).

*an obscure reference