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It’s time for Camilla from Fire Emblem to make another appearance.

She is given a promoted class in Fire Emblem Warriors with more cleavage. Apparently, she can be sexualized more, complete with “my eyes are up here.” Though unlike Fire Emblem Fates, she does remember to bring her axe and wyvern to her cut scenes in Fire Emblem Warriors, so silver lining.

Oh Camilla,.. it’s kind of amazing how much has and hasn’t changed since the last time you were given a bingo card.  Mostly it just seems a few squares like Bared Belly have become ambiguous and more boob straps have been added.

They’ve also somehow managed to lean into the armor as sexy lingerie and remind you, in case you somehow forgot, that she has big boobs:

Her intro video also makes it far, far too clear to us that in her default (not bingo’d here) outfit she is not wearing a thong.  I mean, I know it’s on the bingo card… but that level of clarity was really not necessary.

– wincenworks

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