So when a recurring character in Overwatch looks vastly different between her 3 appearances, we get told that different artists have different styles, and that Blizzard is allowed to change their character designs over time. But when Alexstrasza, queen of the dragons, gets a makeover and a pair of pants in Heroes of the Storm, there’s outrage on the forums

This is her original WoW model:


You might notice that her clothes look a lot like Sylvanas’, even after they gave her pants. Even down to keeping the thong!


They did try to differentiate her with the leg armor and cape, but they couldn’t bring themselves to actually design her properly, despite the fact that they supposedly redesign their characters all the time. She has the exact same coverage as Sylvanas, even down to the upper arm bands. Doing a bingo on her would just be redundant

I’ll give them props for giving her an interesting jawline, but that seems to be the extent of their creativity.

Also, is it just me, or does the jewelry she wears in her dragon form not resemble her humanoid jewelry at all? Even the rings on her horns seem to be different.


And if the answer is, that’s what she chooses to appear as when she’s not a dragon… well, we already have stuff written up about that.


h/t: @ghostoftom

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