Bingo filled by Twitter user @GTPsijic

Since when talking about difference between Wonder Woman movie and Justice League movie Amazon costumes this week we mentioned two articles that praised the former, let’s set the record straight: NOPE. 

Amazon armor is not good, let alone perfect, in Wonder Woman. At best, it looks like leather/metal fashion wear with some neat Greco-Roman references for armor history geeks… Given we accept the reality where Ancient Mediterraneans invented boobplates and wedge heels as combat wear. 


But now at least we can make an informed guess that those old costumes were some sort of hard-earned compromise between giving the actresses wearable armor and meeting the “sex sellsdemand from higher ups.
It’s obviously no coincidence that once there were no women in power over the next movie Amazons appear in, any restraint over shamelessly objectifying them was gone

I’m still very angry that the new costumes make old ones look so much better just in comparison, making our criticism look weirdly harsh in hindsight. Lowering standards below the ground level doesn’t invalidate the points already made regarding the old standard


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