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You know what’s funniest about Saint Seiya

Putting the Online game aside, in the original manga and anime the characters belong to a religious order which was originally males only.

You know how women managed to get allowed to join? They have to wear these stupid and totally impractical masks (hello? How does she even see? Or breathe? how does that shit attach? They live in GREECE, for Gea’s sake, who decided putting metal against DELICATE bare skin under such punishing sun was a good idea?) to “give up” their femininity so men won’t feel guilty hurting them.  And besides that, if a man ever sees them without the mask they have to either kill him or love him.

They literally made female warriors cover their faces 24/7 so “dudes wouldn’t get distracted” and then threw some metal lingerie at them. Yep, so much less distracting, sure thing… Thankfully we only ever see about three of them, so the other literal 85 male warriors won’t need to feel pressured.

Even funnier. This particular armour is supossed to be a second tier one, which for males supossedly protects more than the third tier ones, while hers… well, has barely any protection at all.


(Second tier)


(Third tier)

Didn’t you know? Weird mask and Madonna bra are totally less distracting than just being a regular knight, like your male peers are! 

So I guess, in a very sad way, Saint Seiya Online is a questionable improvement over manga and anime, since the ladies at least are allowed to show their faces (and see and breathe)… For the low low price of trading ridiculous boobplate for skimpy bikini armor full of sharp, stabby parts!


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