Text post got me thinking. Now, I want a world, or whatever, where the female “bikini armor” really is as strong as normal. Protects with magic or something, I don’t much care. And pretty much every woman wears them. I mean, same protection, but loads less weight? Sign me up! And then over the bikini armor, you wear whatever you want. Cute sundress? Fully protected. Tee and jeans? Fully protected. Leather armor? Double protected? Idk. 

Just a verse full of ladies in bikinis with normal clothes on top, so you never know who is a secret badass. It’d be great.

That sounds like the only acceptable reason to excuse the existence of magical bikini armor.

It’s still laughable how a simple logical question like “if the bikini gives her total protection, why wouldn’t she wear it over or under more comfortable clothes?” is always handwaved. Usually with something akin to “but she needs to wear bikini and only bikini for the magic to work”, which translates to “fanservice is mandatory!”.
Dear writers, if you can’t explain that in another way than “cause that makes me (and my presumed audience) horny” (and believe me, you can’t), please stop pretending that your story is something else than dramatized softcore porn.


Bringing this back as a (late) follow-up to the point Glock H. Palin, Esq. made about magical protection and fictional women choosing their costumes

Now let’s all ponder upon all the great story/comedy opportunities media skips on, because they don’t want their indestructible lady warriors to wear cozy sweaters and pants over or under their magic 10+ protection lingerie armor.


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