So this is a new female design from the game Overwatch, findable on the new map Junkertown: the queen of the city.

I’m so disappointed.

I get it she’s beautiful and waifu material and badass and all and all but… where is the character design originality/diversity here ?

Same face features than Sombra (and artistic stylization isn’t an excuse), boobswindow (She’s still a woman after all), classic body shape (at the right places uh ?)and very basic junker design it seems.

Is that the only possible design for a tyrannic warrior queen of a post-apo city, fighting against robots ?

Strong new female character yes, but new female charadesign nope…

Honestly, I’ll be happy to see here as a playable character, of course, but honestly Blizzard, if all your next female heroes have to be draw this way we don’t need another ones. (Yes had to put that ref okay.)

When I heard Junkrat talk about the Queen in that new comedic short I imagined a gruff older woman of unusual figure, not yet another variation of generically hot young, thin lady.

How does that even match up the Junker aesthetic? Both playable male Junkers have quite extreme body types and are the farthest from conventional male beauty standards out of the whole Overwatch cast. This lady, if she gets added to the game, contributes nothing to the table of female representation.

Should we even be surprised at this point that Blizzard still haven’t really started “doing women better”


Hey, Blizzard is totally doing women better; her breasts are way bigger than any other woman’s in Overwatch. Diversity!


Worth mentioning that Blizzard also recently confirmed that Mei, while not their “standard” body type is also very definitely not fat.


So much so they made her sweater be tailored inward around the waist and stomach to confirm she is not, as many people hoped, a chubby girl but rather what people are calling “thicc”.

– wincenworks

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