So, Kolin and Menat are two new characters introduced into Street Fighter V via intro videos… Kolin’s intro happens to feature her fighting fetishware model Juri.

For some reason, these characters look a little familiar, like maybe I’ve seen them before, in another game that recycles cliche designs… that or they’re just so creative my brain can’t handle the strain.

In terms of male characters, well Abigail is the closest they’ve gotten to true empowerment… kind of:


I just… don’t get the same feeling that his his costume was designed with sensual posing as it’s first and second priority…

– wincenworks 

So… We’re getting a suspiciously Neithlike vaguely Egyptian contortionist and a “sexy Russian” Halloween costume as the new lady fighters? Creativity is off the charts

Hell, Street Fighter is also ripping itself off, considering how similar Kolin’s “Battle Costume” is to Cammy’s.

And since her “Nostalgia Costume” is a throwback to when Kolin wasn’t playable, it’s a proof that you truly need to lose any remnant of credibility in your clothes to become playable female character.


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