Exclusive: See 24 Star Trek: Discovery photos

OMG the women’s boots have no heels!!!! You could actually run in those things!

Diverse cast AND sensible footwear! A girl could hardly ask for more…

that gold stripe on the thigh looks like a zipper. is that… are those… pockets? 

This is such a tiny detail but it makes me so damn happy but look at the shoes. The women and men’s shoes are the same!  There are no heels!  Even Voyager and DS9 gave the women shoes with a heel.  Even Wonder Woman, movie of my heartface, gave Diana fucking wedges which makes no goddamn sense.  But not here!  The shoes are the same!  No heel in in sight!  I fucking love this show already.


Here’s why it’s a big deal when female uniforms in Star Trek have the same principles applied as male ones. 

Basically, the franchise’s record in that regard is mixed at best and the reboot films were a pretty big step backwards, even when ignoring the double standard in how female uniforms were cut.


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