Anonmois submitted: 

So, the new Fire Emblem on 3DS got announced…
Immediately, a certain female character gathered quite a number of followers.
How is she dressed you wonder?


I don’t even know what is going on in the lower bottom. Is that a flag?

mini-mosca submitted:

Nintendo released a video showing its New Fire Emblem game and it looks really cool, but some of the armor is… questionable. Miss Purple Hair has some nice arm and waist armor, but they went the lingere route with the rest. Battle panties and a massive boob window don’t seem like a good choice for a war. The blond guy seems to be wearing very similar armor, but he gets to keep his pants on.
Fire Emblem has some really good examples of female armor, but then there are really bad ones like this. I never know what to expect.


At this point it’s just boring how “unique” her design is. A dress with crotch cut-out to see her panties nice and clear, the bubble breasts that have a weird belt jammed between them


..which reminds me a bit of this pointless and painful-looking “boob harness”.

So original! Much creative! Groundbreaking, even!


Surely this can’t be simple pandering, clearly there’s just some sort of complex message her that I can’t see because I’m not in the Fire Emblem fandom.  Let’s see what the fandom thinks of Camilla…




You might be thinking that making a throwback about Camilla from Fire Emblem Warriors is lazy and boring, but we’re only putting in as much work as the marketing team. [x]


(Casual reminder that our original post went up in 2015.)

As long as they keep reusing 2-year-old marketing assets, we will continue criticizing them. Especially since it looks like that boob seatbelt has somehow gotten even worse; now it’s flat-out clipping into her flesh! That is clearly against the Breast Safety Council guidelines!

So no, Nintendo Life, I do not want to “feast my eyes” upon your trailer. I’m more likely to feast upon my eyes… yikes.


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