I came across Black Squad and it seems to be a game that is marketing itself on two things:

  • It will be like literally every other “real life” inspired paramilitary competitive FPS game (ie a Modern Warfare rip-off)
  • BUT there will be hot chicks in bike shorts and maximum cleavage on display (including that blond woman with who’s in everything)

So imagine my amusement with I downloaded it looked around in the shops and discovered that not only do they not have any female character options (at least not available for a new player). There are just four white guys who are almost indistinguishable from one another in game to the extent I can’t say for sure if it’s just the same model with different clothing choices.

This particularly weird since back in April, prior to the game actually going Early Access on Steam – they implied 1/3rd of the character choices would be a sexy, sexy lady who wears less pants when “badguy” sounding:

That and like just about every other paramilitary shooter out there, this game seems to pedantically focus on making gear look as authentic as possible provided it’s not on a woman.


– wincenworks

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