Spider-Man/Deadpool #4


Funny how they’re trying to make a point about objectification when, in the same panel, the superheroines are unironically wearing boobplates and metal bikinis

Ok now, THIS is a good example why while we support sexyfying dudes and their costumes all in the name of good fun, we do not think that “equalizing” the objectification is ultimately the way to deal with the problem. 

Making men dance in their underwear in front of a crowd of women clad in absurd bikinis kind of sucks the irony out of Deadpool’s and Spidey’s punishment.
Most of those Asgardian goddesses and succubi* in the audience are objectively more sexualized than the guys are anyway. And please, no-one spin this into “well the ladies chose to wear it, so it’s okay” thing

Marvel seems to have trouble with coupling pro-women message with non-sexist imagery… Last time they managed to succeed at it was the famous Mockingbird cover, and basically that’s it.


*Dressing a succubus in a generically over the top bikini armor only because she’s a sex demon is a Thermian Argument, not a viable justification for a bad design. Artists, get more creative with your succubi ideas!

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