“He knows how to design female armour because he spent years studying corsetry and lingerie.”


The scariest part of this is that so many of these concept artists who seem to “study” corsetry lingerie tend to overlook some basic details about the universal design principles:

  • Boobs are not excluded from physics, especially gravity
  • Lingerie is not generally held on by superglue
  • Women need to breathe and need internal organs
  • Different materials have different qualities, you can’t swap out silk or soft leather for steel in… sensitive areas

So yeah… horrifying as it is, studying corsetry and lingerie would actually be a step forward in many cases.


– wincenworks

We still can not emphasize enough that overall quality of costume and character design in pop media would increase if the artists actually studied corsetry and lingerie instead of just looking at lots and lots and lots of examples, starting at puberty, as our commenter put it

Relevant reference to the topic:

Still, please remember that very little of that would help with designing actual armor, which is a whole another layer of costume and should be treated seriously on its own.


I can definitely think of a few designs we’ve featured on this blog that could benefit from someone with actual knowledge of corsetry and lingerie. And that’s just off the recent first page of our Bikini Armor Bingo tag!

This is impressive in the saddest way.


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