So, as well as adding a sexy spider, Shadow of War also introduces us to

Eltariel, aka The Blade of Galadriel, who seems to be both better armored than 

Lithariel and also to have been issued an odd suit of scale armor that is very specifically molded around her breasts and her hips unprotected and on display.  Though on the balance of things, and compared to the industry in general – it’s a tentative positive example.

She’s an assassin, and seems to fill a similar role to Morrigan in that she’s a dark, mysterious adviser figure who seems to be… let’s say morally flexible with her own agenda independent of the player.

(Unlike Lithariel she may also get to be a fully playable character, rather than an alternative model with the same voice and cutscenes… but only in DLC)

Shadow of War really seems have leaned heavily into this idea that nobody will care about a female character unless they can confirm she’s sexy, or at least attractive… even if they they’re a spider or mostly tree:


I don’t think this was the game content I was supposed to find horrifying.

– wincenworks

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