giantpurplecat submitted:

A video popped up on my feed talking about a Chinese bootleg of Overwatch
named Heroic Mission, and I clicked on the video. In the video the guy shows some of the new
heroes that are going to be in the game, and then I see this one… (This
is probably some really bad translation but) One of the new
heroes (as pictured) is named “Killer Murphy”, and this is what she
looks like. This is also supposed to be the Sombra of the game.

Given that I am a big Sombva (Sombra x DVa) shipper, I’m super-interested now to learn who is the knock-off DVa so I can have a hilarious bootleg knockoff Escher ship of them too.

“Anything can be Eschered, and anyONE”

One thing I find truly hilarious is the site itself didn’t think they highlighted her nipples enough, so they have added an extra light:


Strangely though, this wasn’t even the most noteworthy design in terms of terrible ripoff designs of female characters. (x)


Honestly there is really no better argument for the futility of the idea that sex sells than knockoffs and other half-arsed products that gave gone all in and earn nothing but ridicule as a result.

– wincenworks

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