@SEMC UHHH WTF IS THIS LMAO FIRST OF ALL WHAt THE FUCK IS GOIN ON WITH HER TITTES IM PRETTY SURE THEY DONT WORK LIKE THAT SECOND WHY DIDNT YALL JUST GIVE HER A CROP TOP INSTEAD OF specifically designed bra with a bunch multiple straps and a BOOB WINDOW AND THIRD WHO TF DESIGNED HER HAIR??? Like does she have a braid going in 4 directions wtf well at least it’ll look cool when she spins but ?

The crew at Vainglory sure are proud of themselves for their recent new skin option, which seems both an amazingly generic battle bikini and also, unsurprisingly, hauntingly familiar:

This is honestly a baffling choice since even cheesecake addicted Dynamite Comics seems to slowly be concluding that Sonja’s “traditional” look isn’t getting the attention they’d like are are now experimenting with varying covers.

Not practical armor mind you, but other things… basically anything:

But it seems that the aptly named Super Evil Megacorp still has faith that the world needs at least one more second rate rip off.

– wincenworks

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