Warhammer Total War 2: Dark Elf Sorceress

thenightmarerider submitted (and Ozzie re-bingo’d):

I was watching the Dark Elves trailer for Warhammer Total War 2. I heard a fantastic feminine narration over the the dark elf on the right kicking ass. Then it zooms out and shows that the feminine voice was actually the dark elf on the left.

No bingo, but damn is it ever terrible! I can just think of the many excuses people would have for this as well. “It’s just like the tabletop game!” or “Dark Elves are Sadomasochists!”

Apparently only the female dark elves enjoy receiving and inflicting pain so much that they wear as little as possible? Yet another case where it would be more practical for a spellcaster to be naked.

https://youtu.be/zB6FaGBz0Lo Here’s the video link for the full trailer. It looked so amazing until the Sorceress came and spoiled it all!

It actually does get a bingo when treated with the most recent version of the game card! Let the dancing Vegeta commence!


Seeing this game’s penchant for big, silly headwear I wouldn’t be surprised if the defense for her armor was that the costume direction is “supposed” to be ridiculous… Amazing though how it always turns out to be the skimpy kind of ridiculous only for women.


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