JonTron just linked this image as an example of how men are stereotyped and exploited in video games I’m literally laughing out loud holy shit

for anyone who still doesn’t get it notice the background please

Fun fact: topless slave girls are COLLECTIBLES in this game.

See, the problem is that the guys objectification is empowering. You’re empowered because you’re taking advantage of the other objectified people.

Also, can my followers who like guys please comment on whether or not they find this guy sexually attractive?

nah, too much muscle. Muscle is hard… I want something soft to rest my head on! 😛 the only guy that i’ve ever been attracted to who has looked like this is Jason Momoa. 

I personally like muscles. I adore them. They fascinate me.

But this Conan doesn’t look sexually attractive. He looks like he’s gonna kill me – he’s intimidating and forceful. I’d better stay away from him.

If he looked like this

I’d say “Well, hello sexy.”

Objectification and sexualization don’t really depend on character’s looks, even if they use it to objectificate and sexualize. They depend on character’s purpose and agency.

A girl character can run around with her titties exposed but still could be not sexualized.

Just my 2 cents

It got better.

– wincenworks

Time to throwback these illustrative examples of the difference between male power fantasy, male objectification and female power fantasy (which also matches the theme of powerful barbarian ladies that this week’s reblog from @justinhubbell​ embraced).

Please always remember, especially when responding to our blog or submitting a post here, that not every muscular shirtless dude counts as an example of a “sexy man” in the same manner as our negative examples count as “sexy” women. 

It’s not the amount of skin showing, or how big the character’s boobs or muscles are that makes them objectified. Framing of a body is what decides whether it’s sexualized or not. And

@yondamoegi‘s drawings really drive the point home by contrasting the original game cover with two subversions of its double standard premise.


more about false equivalence on BABD

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