“Dansels in Distress” (1/13)

“He clung to her mighty thews, trembling under the weight of the chains that once bound him. The lone warrior stared out over the broken bodies of his vicious captors, and though her savage ways has frightened him, he knew she would protect him. He was hers, yes, but for the moment in what felt like ages, he was safe. This was enough.”

Want to learn more about this new series? Read this!


An interesting project by a non-binary artist trying to deconstruct sexist fantasy art tropes. I gotta agree that while objectifying men as much as women isn’t the end goal of our criticism, sexualized dudes juxtaposed with unironically badass ladies still help to make a point about the double standards.

This powerful lady sure belongs among the other non-”sexy” half-naked barbarian heroines we had on the blog before: [1], [2], [3]. And also this Rat Queens cover.

Read also this article about the process of designing above illustration. Reminds me a lot of @wundergeek‘s post about the struggle of satirizing male power fantasy art.

Definitely looking forward to how the next pieces in the series by @justinhubbell will turn out!


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