80s fantasy – “Hands of Doom” Dragonlance artwork showing Kitiara attacked by Lord Soth’s necromantic powers (artist: Clyde Caldwell)

@bikiniarmorbattledamage found this will searching something else up. This was done in the 80’s and it was common for Dragonlance books to have strong females in proper armor.

Now look at DnD and it hoard of smexy looking shit.

One of the really interesting things about this is that Kitiara’s behaviour basically made her a poster child for evil is sexy and will be punished for being sexy (especially if they are female).

And anyone who’s seen his portfolio knows that Clyde Caldwell loves painting cheesecake.  So Kitiara design was clearly to showcase her being a warrior and an icon for the forces of Evil in Krynn, not a generic sexy villainess.

– wincenworks

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