Ragingghostsbunker asked which outfit was the worst in the game, so I may as well get these out of the way. This is the conjurer raiment. The male sorcerer looks kinda like a neon sign explode all over a german fairy tale dapper gentlemen The female sorcerer appears to be wearing a bikini with a single long belt starting at her shoulder and wrapping down her leg, and then a single thigh high sock which appears to be made of smaller belts.


Wow. Soul Sacrifice is not great at female gear but what the actual fuck is this?


So, the female armor is a bingo-scoring pure absurd, while the male one is exceptionally ugly. Could this design fail at any more levels?


Did someone look at the pipe dream minigame in Bioshock and think, “now THAT would be a good look for a breasted person!” cause that’s the only explanation I will accept for this monstrosity.

And if it’s not 10 year old minigames and portables, then it’s… umm……. hmm


…. I have questions but I don’t actually want to know the answers.


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