Spoiler: I really like the Wonder Woman armour…but I do have One Small Complaint. Or maybe boob plate counts as Two Small Complaints.

By contrast, I am going to argue that battle lingerie is truly and sincerely more practical than King’s Bounty: Inadequately Armored Princess’s getup.

Further reading: 

– the @bikiniarmorbattledamage Tumblr

this link on the costumes of Wonder Woman in their historical context.

We’ve been getting a few requests for comment on Amanda Weaver’s write up on the armor in Wonder Woman but I’ve been refraining from talking about it too much for a few reasons:

And the last one is particularly a shame since the one of the early movies in the current generation of superhero films not only chose to move away from the iconic costumes, made fun of them… and fans enjoyed it:

Ultimately the flaws with the amazons costumes in the movie reflect that bigger problem that, unlike Superman and Batman, Wondy isn’t allowed to be re-invented so she be a part of the real world.  Particularly due to a misguided lack of confidence in female character and partially due to an ancient myth.

– wincenworks

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