A concise and entertaining summary of how the misconception that video games are supposed to be for boys.  An even more concise summary: It’s the fault of Creepy Marketing Guy.

PBS Games/Show also had a great episode about the Pink Games (ie games for girls) phenomena and how despite introducing elements like character creation but don’t generally receive credit for it.

– wincenworks

More about marketing on BABD

So in recent weeks a bunch of man babies crying that there was a single Women’s Only showing of Wonder Woman at a single cinema (to the extent of wanting to get the law involved), and someone created a Far Cry 5 petition which ties into a long history of a particular group insisting they own the concept of video games.  Familiar sentiments.


I’d say it’s long past time media stopped pandering to them but, but the truth is the media should never have started it in the first place.  Generations of executives have been raised on this and now rush to blame diversity for poor sales in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, year after year.

Let’s just all agree that fun is for everyone.

– wincenworks

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