So, best I can tell, this outfit is a rather odd one out of Symmetra’s and the Overwatch Anniversary Outfits for a couple of reasons.  For the Anniversary outfits it’s one that’s not  really based in badassery from the lore or a real world a pop culture idea:


Rather it’s concept just seems to be fashion/brainstorming up ideas for costumes.  However, the bigger issue is that it’s an odd one out for Symmetra’s wardrobe in a specific way… it has a skirt split basically up to her crotch, rather than a long cloth draped in the way.  This leads to to… issues with the poses.


Yeah, the costume is gorgeous from a fashion perspective and possibly her best bonus skin yet, but it doesn’t seem very built around the character, the general theme of the promotion or the gameplay.

(And unfortunately, it’s incredibly unsurprising that Symmetra, the brown girl on the autistic spectrum, seemed to be their lowest priority – again)

– wincenworks

I think this is another piece of evidence that literally basing your design ideas around “What would be cool (in our subjective Blizzard opinion)?” and nothing else isn’t a functional art direction priority.




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