i’ve been meaning to do this post for YEARS and i finally managed to dig out all these sketches and put them together.

the sexual dimorphism in WoW has always been sad especially considering blizz had such good ideas at the start but the furious fan feedback always made them redesign these fascinating and monstrous females of the races into much more humanlike. i also remember the uproar of thin male blood elves and the homophobic and sexist slurs that followed which made them beef up the male model considerably.

i tried my best to give a go at redesigning them to make their body types, postures and facial features more aligned.

dwarf, undead, goblin and gnome models on the other hand are great, 5/5.

bonus, give male belves thongs too:


Suspicious dimorphism, probably moreso than double standard in costume design, remains one of big factors in furthering notion that female characters are inherently completely different from the male ones… but not from each other, even among different species

And of course then fans pretend that’s just how things are, as if those weren’t fictional worlds with arbitrary rules.

We don’t know what’s happening at Blizzard, but it’s always sad to see them actively try to do female characters better, but then deciding to go back. Should whiny dudebro fans or the Creepy Marketing Guy be blamed, we’ll probably never learn. Nevertheless it’s a shame that it happens.


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