male gamers like to pretend that male characters designed, draw/rendered and written by men, made hulkishly muscular and hypermasculine by men for a deliberate target audience of men is objectification and hypersexualisation rather than actively appealing to male power fantasy

and it’s somehow women’s fault of course

My favorite example of this is when people try to invoke this guy as their ultimate trump card of “Men are objectified in video games too!”


The ultimate steroid rager who converses primarily by screaming and murdering.  A completely selfish man who, since murdering his wife and daughter, seems to only one emotion (anger) and prone to random acts of violence.  A man so terrible that he goes out of his way to incorporate murdering random women* into “puzzle solving”.**

People actually point to this character, created by a man (David Jaffe) and try to tell us this is objectification of men in order to pander to women.  

Then, presumably, after throwing a tantrum and destroying random objects in their home, then wonder why women aren’t impressed by this and find them undateable.

* The fact that almost the entire female population, including the monsters, goes to great pains to show off their breasts to the player also never seems to factor into their assessment.

** This sequence featured in Tropes vs Women in Video Games – however please be advised that this sequence along with other parts in the video contain extreme depictions of violence against women. (x)

– wincenworks

So, due to some minor events that gave this myth a shot in the arm, it’s probably worth bringing this back this week, particularly since said event related to barbarians and similarly physically powerful warriors.

The notion that “men are objectified too” really doesn’t hold up under the slightest scrutiny – particularly when so much media insists on asking the audience to cheer for super violent male characters who are often amazingly unlikeable.

– wincenworks

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