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So it’s a new month, which means new free games through PlayStation Plus. PS4 and PSP get some nifty titles. What does my lowly little PS3 get? This junk.

Blood Knights boasts co-op gameplay. You get to pick between the man and the woman! Both are apparently vampire hunters who’ve been turned and must now use their vampiric abilities in addition to their hunter skills. The main difference? The man is a melee fighter while the woman uses crossbows and is thus ranged. Clearly this is more than enough justification for…whatever that is she’s wearing.

She’s going to stab herself in the pelvis if she bends forward.

Not entirely unexpected given that this is from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, but I found it interest that this time it was a different publisher and apparently Kalypso Media and they have this other title…

However, it turns out, in order to avoid confusion they used a very different graphic for the “box art” on the site:

Can you believe that both of these unique and exciting titles were not well received by critics and generally considered forgettable pulp?

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