So Injustice 2 has decided to let us know that gear is essential and to make a video how important gear is… if you’re a dude, if you’re a lady you just need a wide variety of tiaras.

I’m serious, they go too great lengths to show you that Batman and Superman will have numerous versions of every part of their clothing, random male characters have multiple weapons but they never seem to show off options for any female character other than headpieces.


The only section where they seem to want to let the female characters show off a bit is… when they assure us there will be abilities that aren’t connected to the gear.  So it’s unclear whether they think the outfits are so terrible that it’d hurt sales to show them, or they just assume players will go with the skimpiest option possible anyway.

Either way, it’s clear their priorities are kind of skewed, I guess they took this classic Simpsons moment as a guide to marketing:

– wincenworks

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