Daughters of Persephone!
My women only Space Marine Chapter. Not my best illustration work, but its really starting to take too much time for a quick fan work / colour concept, and I should work on more original works really (though I’ll probably end up doing other fan stuffs :P)

Threw together another quick sketch, playing with the general out of armour look.

I like this interpretation of the black carapace.

It’s going to happen sooner or later

You keep telling yourself that lol



Just remember there is more ‘Daughters of Persephone’ where that came from 🙂

Warhammer 40k bros are the epitome of fragile geek masculinity* 


To them, not only women as Space Marines simply can not be a thing, because arbitrary fluff reasonsEmperor God forbid any fan dared to draw, let alone customize some figures of them! Literally.
We’re talking about the Toxic Masculinity Brigade yelling “Heresy!” at anyone who even mentions the possibility of a female Astarte existing.

See all of @pantmonger‘s awesome Daughters of Persephone art + some commentary regarding detractors in one post here.


*The @pointandclickbait article can be read here. Sadly, it’s another case when their satire comes painfully close to reality.

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