Thanks joabobs for for the tip about Legacy of Discord. I was having fun with this bingo (picked out of several different options that were equally generic and lingerie-y) but then I found this image and I died a little more inside:


I mean, besides the hilariously obvious double standard, that… whatever it is she’s wearing is so uninspired, and the messy rendering makes me think they spent an entire 25 minutes on it because Creepy Marketing Guy wanted a Hot Chick™ on the advertisement. Her giant hat is the coolest thing about her design, but even that isn’t done well. Compare her to the guy on the right, who has what looks like a literal bear trap on his armor. I want one of those! (Also the shape language on him is just a lot clearer.)

I got distracted from the original point of this post, but do I really need to say more about Ms. Furious Wings up there besides Kerrigan Lingerie Victoria’s Secret Angel?


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