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I was looking at a few upcoming PS4 games coming out this year and I saw this and found this character. Her name is Brunhilde and she is one of the main antagonists in the upcoming game called Valkyria Revolution. Can someone help me understand what am I looking at and why does this exists?


This pic above is a special pre-order image straight from SEGA. Yeah, I as soon I saw these I just had to submit it to BABD. First time doing this, so please tell me if I’m doing it right. Love all of the work you guys do and I hope more people stop designs like these from getting into media.

Sources( valkyria.wikia.com, theplatformer.net, www.segalization.com)

Well the main reason that it exists is that publishers and Creepy Marketing Guy really like this myth that sex sells, because well it’s essentially idea that there’s a magic,  shortcut and that that it happens to allow them to get work to pay for images that appeal to them personally (and may, if they’re lucky, make them temporarily popular with certain demographics).

The other big appeal, commercially, is that if you decide that generic softcore pinups are the precious commodity that will motivate your customer base – you’ve got a fairly low effort product in comparison to say unique designs that integrate into your product’s lore, a character’s individual personality, etc.

The ultimate form of this is, of course: The asset flip.

It’s just a shame that their the games industry can’t put more emphasis and faith into the actual game.

– wincenworks

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