“Why are you dressed like a Hooters waitress? What part of a t-shirt and booty shorts says “clown” or “Harlequin”?” 

ERod very concisely points out my biggest issue with basically all Harley Quinn redesigns: they have nothing to do with her and the Joker’s clown theme. 


I always wondered what’s the best comparison for the her film costume other than “random summer street fashion, two sizes too small”. Hooters waitress seems accurate: 


I’m also quite sure Hooters is way more transparent about being a business that exploits conventionally pretty women to sell their stuff to horny (and hungry) men than DC Entertainment is with their PG-13 movies.

At the very least because waitresses there are real actual people and know what they’re getting into by signing up for the job. Unlike fictional characters who “transcend everything” and just happen to choose skimpy clothes only because a writer says so


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