how to “pander to sjws / feminists”: in depth characters and storytelling, non objectified female characters, characters of all manners of races, identities and backgrounds

how to pander to gamer boys: make titty wobble

Wow no wonder they don’t want to make games more accessible to women, they’d have to reveal their lack of actual talent.


What a nice response to the “sex sells” and “creative freedom” rhetoric which we’re well too familiar with.


The saddest part about this is – the games industry is full of talented people and they frequently have to throw away their best work because someone who is overpaid believes in a magic formula.

Then they end up promoting the wrong people and we end up with this guy.

– wincenworks

Bringing this post back, since now the gamer boys directly accuse “pandering to SJWs/feminists” as the primary reason for anything they don’t enjoy about any game, like the glitches in Mass Effect Andromeda.


Particularly worth mentioning that these same voices are generally for more accepting and forgiving when it comes time to apply a critical lens to games like Scarlet Blade, Haydee or asset flips… and who conveniently claim creators should be allowed to do whatever they want when a short skirt is involved.

– wincenworks

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