(Half-mark on the thong because it appears she has briefs with little windows to simulate the thong look. Just think, someone had to model that… and the mini underboob windows too.)

We’ve had a few people respond to the Nier Automata post with asks and submissions about the foul mouthed, incredibly violent sidekick from the original Nier game: Kaine.  (Trivia: Kaine is one of the very few canon intersex characters in video games, in one version of the game, which adds all kinds of baggage to this outfit and her depiction in general)

For those interested, this is the hero, Nier… both versions of him (It’s complicated and Kaine is dressed the same in both versions):


For those interested in how this went from being pulp fantasy to a cyberpunk war of androids in couture and VR goggles against alien robots… you can probably guess there is no simple explanation to anything.

Suffice to say though, Yoko Taro’s confession that he just likes putting sexy girls in his games was entirely unsurprising.

– wincenworks

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