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In our game design lecture room we have a Halo 3 Art Book. This was on Cortana’s page, so I took a pic because I thought it was just a bit silly. That last line in particular just had me shaking my head.

Interestingly seven years later we would hear an alternative theory regarding Cortana’s design, one that flew entirely in the face of this.  It’s almost like neither explanation was a real explanation, rather they’re some sort of non-sense invented after the fact in order to try to make bad decisions seem artistically justified.

For example: that sci-fi bodypaint that’s inspired by a lingerie catalog… one that has lots of cinchers, garter belts and full length lace gauntlets, is a great design for your secondary character who’s going to be building rapport with your players all through the game.

Because of secret subtext that can’t really be explained.

– wincenworks

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