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I knew beforehand that the toons in Revelation Online are heavily ahem.. “stylized”. Barbie has far more realistic proportions than the adult women in this game. The “armors” are A+ bingo material. Nothing new.

For three classes, you have the option to play as a child, cutesy voices, poses, etc. included.

They wear the exact same lingerie armor than their adult counterparts. The picture shows one of the character presets in a preview-able occultist armor.

I’m now on a watchlist because I’m in possession of childporn. Will burn my computer after I’m done puking.


Sadly it seems that none of their revelations are that it’s really, really bad to sexualize children – which is one of those things that really shouldn’t be a revelation or need to be explained to a studio.

Revelations Online featured on @eschergirls a while ago for it’s gunslinger who seemed to be overly inspired by Bayonetta,.. but this is a whole new level of terrible on it’s own.

– wincenworks

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