GrumpyGinger submitted:

Had the “joy” of finding this ad while trying to watch a video talking about actual historical arms and armour. 1. Camera angle 2. A maille flap over maille underwear as if that is going to help 3. Leads to this webpage with even more BABD fodder

@avatarwill113 submitted:

The image someone chose to advertise Blade of Queen apparently its the “most popular web based browser game of 2017”.  It’s not very good.

You could be forgiven for thinking these are porn games, but it appears they do want you to consider these as serious fantasy adventure games… if you want to play as a dude who is also a knight.


There is some moderate level empowerment for rangers and assassins, but ultimately it is (predictably) the higher resolution, but still even more generic ripoff of Queen’s Blade.

– wincenworks 

I’m so confused by how the chainmail on that butt image is supposed to work… Why would a metal skirt and stocking need a fabric trim? Why would a chainmail stocking exist and who in their right mind would wear it? Why is the mail full of holes and the holes are filled in by… black mesh tattoos?


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