Song of Swords Q&A

Song of Swords is absolutely focused on risk vs reward decision making. We’re all about the core of the gameplay, the real meat to sink your teeth into, being combat. For example, of course your characters progress and get stronger over time–but no matter how strong you are, if you’re surrounded by 15 guys with greatswords you’re going to have a bad time. Song of Swords is about tactical gameplay.

Read more about Song of Swords, the new historical/fantasy RPG from Opaque Industries, in my Q&A with the game’s project manager.

Sarah is also a star example of design that Opaque are using in their Kickstarter that is currently running.  Now, there is sadly a little bit of cleavage attire on the cover of the book, but it’s also got some male empowerment going on so it’s definitely still a net positive at this point:

If you think this is the sort of thing you might like, we certainly recommend you show them some support and let them know what you’d like to see more of.

– wincenworks

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