probably-unreliable submitted:

Djeeta by Minaba Hideo, she’s one of the two main characters from a Japanese mobile/browser game called Granblue Fantasy.

The last pic is her male counterpart to for some comparison between the two characters.

TFW you’re on a beach vacation and the boss calls you into work >_>



This is by far the least imaginative gladiatrix/ancient female warrior costume we’ve had on BABD. Literal modern bikini/underwear set with normal armor on arms and legs! 
Even her cuisses are shorter to enhance femoral artery stabbing show more luscious thigh flesh.

One thing that’s particularly funny when comparing the two is that the guy has no upper arm protection, while lady gets big pauldrons and besagews attached to nothing! Yup, their function as auxiliary armor is so totally not compromised by the lack of breastplate.


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