the-one-potato submitted (first image; bingo and other images added by Ozzie):

This is a Yu-Gi-Oh equipment spell card. It might give the wearer a big boost in their attach stats, but what it doesn’t say on the card is that the defense of the wearer will drop even more…
(Yu-gi-oh has lots of bad cards, it’d be a bad idea to send all of them your way, but this one is so BABD-appropriate, I couldn’t hell myself)

Seeing how bingo-qualifying this… thing is, I checked out what those harpy lady sisters who can be equipped with the “shield” look like… Let’s agree the anime didn’t disappoint my morbid curiosity. Also, apparently English version of the card censored out the protruding nipple spikes: 


I didn’t cross out the “More advanced armor = skimpier”, cause the harpies seem to wear this spiky atrocity on top of their usual bodypaint “clothes”:



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