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Have you seen the “Blades and Rings” trailer (start around 0:04)? It’s popped up a lot on iOS ads. I don’t even. Why. Seems to be another asset flip, but just… jeez.

This has got to be one of the most blatant asset flipping projects I’ve seen in a while – they’re assets from other games the same company is distributing too.

For example, League of Angels:


And Siegelord (as featured on @eschergirls):


Truly bikini armor forever signals unbridled creative freedom!

– wincenworks 

Considering the game itself obviously has nothing new to present, I personally am most impressed with how little sense the trailer makes.
Life action ladies in fantasy costumes have a sultry look contest… then, one choppy transition later they’re swapped for CGI ladies with both completely different faces and costumes who do lots of recycled battle cries, sprout wings and head for a fight… The end.

Somehow this is the most unsubstantial cheap game trailer we’ve featured on BABD. And we’ve seen dead-eyed dolls with censored cleavages and butts duel, long panning shots of bikini armor babe body parts done to the sound of their panting and

sexy mecha Nanking Massacre


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