Okay. So a lot of people want us to talk about For Honor, specifically as a positive example (rather than it’s odd design decisions that we noticed on first announcement or that it’s a game where everyone is white, covered up but coded white by culture or Japanese).

The female designs are better than the usual we see, there are a few ongoing issues though like their determination to gender exactly ¾ of the classes as male, and ¼ as female… and their determination to make sure you notice the ladies have boobs (and are smaller).

So yes, it’s better than most, has some really cool designs, and can be counted as another game that has female combatants who grunt like they’re trying to kill someone rather than get them off – but it has it’s own issues.  If you like fantasy combat games and warrior women, it’s got definite appeal.

What I found more interesting:  after Game Theory made a video of it’s usual quality standard – a whole bunch of historical weapon/armor enthusiasts rushed out to debunk it and try to spread awareness not to believe misinformation in popular culture! (examples here)


Meanwhile it’s hard to find any sort of video talking about female armor that isn’t grossly apologetic or rushes to stress that it’s not opposed to bikini armor in a fantasy setting etc.

If only recognizing people’s humanity and representation as as important as preventing misinformation about Vikings, Samurai and Knights.

– wincenworks

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