Okay, so Grimm Fairy Tales are usually so bad that they’re not worth mentioning (we could feature pretty much every cover) but this one is exceptional not just for the combination of the impossible top (how does she put that one) with boobsocks… but also the “creative justification”:

“As a woman of Puerto Rican heritage, I of course love seeing a strong Latina headlining a story and wielding outrageous powers.” said series writer Dawn P. Marquez. “I’m drawn to the ancient and cultural aspects mixed with Mary’s very modern and relatable voice and perspective.”

For those not familiar: The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday about remembering and honoring deceased family members.

So naturally this comic starts in New Orleans and immediately goes on a weird voodoo tangent (which has no connection to actual voodoo, which also has a heavy component of honoring one’s ancestors)


It makes you wonder if if the entire creative team had any other ideas beyond “hot, exotic brown women in tiny costumes” or whether they did any other research beyond grindhouse films and bad comics from the 70s.

– wincenworks

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