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Because nothing says proud female warrior like being able to adjust face shape, boob shape and thigh/vagina shape? I don’t even know what the third one is!

So it seems that the crew at Goddess: Primal Chaos (also marketed as “Heroes of Chaos”) have decided to try marketing with short videos… this screencap is from one creatively titled “Wonderful girl waiting you”. 

And they appear to have another one… “goddess upgrade clothing”

Yet they swear these are not dating sims, dress up doll or any other type of “pink” games.  Pretty much all you do is run around in mazes and mash attack buttons when they become available.

Hence why if you take a male character you get a complete outfit and/or armor.

The worst part is Koram Games also publishes a bunch of other games made by different developers, including Sword of Chaos, so they should at least have some idea how oversaturated the market is.

But apparently hope springs eternal.

– wincenworks

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