Superwomen 1 – Wonder Woman by IngvardtheTerrible 

I found a move believable and practical suit and hairstyle for our favorite DC superheroine WonderWoman. I would LOVE to wear this costume instead of the patriotic swimming suit she traditionally wears.

Now the artist did received some criticisms about his revamped designs. But as he have responded: 

My main point was simply to try and get people to step back and reconsider how we treat women in comics, to compare it to the way men are portrayed and ask ourselves, is it reasonable and fair? That’s all.

And you know what? He has a point. 

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This Wonder Woman is one of the series of superheroine redesigns that @lordingvard​ did. They may not all be perfect for their respective characters, but they do serve the point artist is making about treatment of women in media.

Another important point he makes in the commentary for this piece:

I ask because we have a habit in this country of perpetuating certain behaviors and attitudes regarding things like gender and race simply because it’s “just the way we’ve always done it.” But just because something is a tradition doesn’t make it right.

Unsurprisingly, whenever a new, drastic redesign for such popular character is brought up, backlash follows, especially from a certain demographic obsessed with upholding the status quo

Just remember J. Scott Campbell’s reaction to official Wonder Woman costume change or how indignant Erik Larsen was to the very idea of practical female clothing

Such attitudes either don’t consider or outright ignore the bigger picture of the world we’re painting by perpetuating double standards and objectification of women. Those contrarians also make artistic development harder, as it takes sifting through their unhelpful comments to find some actual constrictive criticism.


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