Random inspiration means random drawing. I literally named the file “uh okay.jpeg”

I was really trying to draw non-functional (meaning I have no idea how it works/stays together) female armor that was still like… armor. So, viola. (I usually have @bikiniarmorbattledamage in mind when I’m designing armor for my ladies. And by that I mean making sure I stay off their bingo cards.)

I think you absolutely achieved your design goal 🙂 Her armor looks like armor and she looks very badass! 

As I discussed long ago, armor not being 100% realistic/functional isn’t the issue we at BABD have with fictional warrior women designs, the gratuitous sexualization and double standard is. 

While taking some decent, preferably real-life, reference is important to designing good fighter attire, the key is striking a balance between stylized/cool and practical, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.* 

Creativity-wise, it will always take you to better places than regurgitating the same thing everyone else is doing.



And if you’re not trying to be erotica/porn, maybe make sure to not look the same or even pornier than the real thing.

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