While her kit certainly isn’t as bad as say, Cindy’s, it’s safe to say that Aranea Highwind’s battle gear has a lot of room for improvement – mostly due to some questionable priorities.  The most baffling of which being headgear that would stab her in the throat and/or chest if she looked down in a panic.


And while it’s certainly true that they boys on the road trip are wearing some very nice, very tight fitting black leather there’s two important points I’d like to bring up:

  1. They’re supposed to be dressed to go out on a nice road trip which will end in a wedding and it’s the whim of fate that puts them on perilious adventure.
  2. Their clothes are actually clothes, this is a weird fetish outfit.

Final Fantasy, as always, continues to be a very oddly mixed bag.

– wincenworks

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