So apparently HiRez has revealed their newest addition to SMITE, the Celtic goddess The Morrigan… who looks suspiciously like they borrowed fan art from another character who bears the name Morrigan.  The video does confirm that they at least read the Wikipedia page, but apparently had no concerns to come up with their own interpretation.

Of course, not all her skins revealed to date look like “empowered” fan art of Bioware’s Morrigan.   There’s also one that looks like sexy fan art of Leliana (dressing up as a Dalish elf):


Of course, both are complete with strange woad body art (complete with them treating it as interchangeable with henna) and wear even less than the characters from Dragon Age do, and have zero items of traditional Celtic attire such as  

In summary:


– wincenworks

This… is so far the most shameless SMITE got with a female character design. 

Unlike with Nike who looks like a lovechild of Zarya and Mercy, no-one in their right mind can argue this Morrigan is an original twist on the mythical figure. Or that any resemblance to a character from a different game is coincidental.


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