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Tickled to see retro-fantasy RPG C&C inadvertently serving up a PSA on the sadly, entirely predictable consequences of adventuring in a scale bikini.

“If only they’d given her a sensible hauberk, all this could have been prevented! Why, gods? WHYYYYYY?”

(In fairness, the fact that her shield was just about to scale with her fist probably didn’t help matters.)

Having looked at Castles & Crusades catalog I am beginning to think that their art direction is very loose.  I’m not sure what the brief for this one was, “Adventurers take over Scrooge McDuck’s money bin but suffer tragedy.”

Still… it’s less confusing than this one:


Though as a side note, shields that small are usually referred to as bucklers and do have lots of practical uses – but was generally used in circumstances where you couldn’t be armored or carrying a full sized shield without video game inventory system.

So, perfect for when you’re at a party or out shopping – not so appropriate for when you’re planning to go on an adventure…

…maybe the real story here is that he found she was attacked during a party inside Scrooge McDuck’s money bin and now he just doesn’t care about anyone else who was killed.

– wincenworks

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