One of these is from satrical RPG parody game,one is a promo for a pornographic parody and one character from an Applibot game.  Applibot claims to make “high quality fantasy” games.

When you’re more ridiculous than ridicule and more porny than porn, it’s time to reconsider your design principles and concept of “high quality”.

– wincenworks

As a follow-up to our last video post illustrating the amazing originality of “sex sells”-based game design and marketing, this week’s throwback is the reminder that arbitrary sexualization basically serves as its own porn and parody already, defeating the purpose of the real things.

Keep in mind that, as far as we know, Applibot does commission original “sexy” artwork for their games instead of stealing and/or asset flipping existing images, yet most of their designs fit squarely into the trend of generic impossible metal bikinis (and sometimes are just outright horrific – open the link at own risk)

So yeah, while directly ripping off someone else is obviously wrong, perpetuating generic sexyness with your own stuff does no good to the industry either.
And most likely will lead to having your generic stuff stolen by the asset flippers anyway.


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